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There are a lot of great bargains on eBay that you never see because others snatched them up soon after they appeared. Now you can do the same. Just join Sign up is simple and free. We only need your name, email address and zip code. Once you are registered you can create up to 50 auction keyword monitors. For each keyword monitor you select price range, category, condition and how often you want to be notified by email of new eBay listings. We then check eBay every 5 minutes for your keywords and notify you by email of new eBay listings at the interval you selected.

Auction Monitor Features

  • Simple Sign Up
  • Choose email intervals for each keyword 5 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours or daily
  • We email both newly listed Buy It Nows (sorted by lowest price) and Auction listings (sorted by ending soonest)
  • Choose how many listings displayed per keyword
  • Choose between only new listings or new listings plus other current listings from previous reports
  • FREE Service!


Happy Campers

Great service! I love how the email contains links to the auctions. I waste no time snagging fantastic deals. I bought a new Sonos Play 5 3 minutes after it was listed for $40 less than anyone else was selling them for.

James P.

Very nice service and I like the price, free. Not long after I signed up I got a new Bushnell radar gun for $73.05. The lowest price I saw prior was $87.99.

Alejandro R.

For the best deals I create auction monitors using typos of what Iā€™m looking for. This service also lists new auctions, not just Buy It Nows. If my typo hits on an auction, I set up a snipe using HarvEX sniper.

Chris D.